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  • Anthem 2014

    Our Church is strong and beautiful Our God of eternal mightAs a cloud of witnesses Up goes incense, such a sight I bear witness for Him always For love, not just for fear. Our God does wonders, miracles, Making our eyes see clear In Gods ima More
  • St Mark Festival Slogan 2012 - Change

    Mind and heart I took to the World God I need Your changing me Give me back Your ways and words Within Your Love I will be free I shall take Your change with joy Dwell my heart form me anew All will know that I am Your child Being Copt is be More
  • Transmission our Father and shepherd of His Holiness Pope Shenou

    His lord said to him, Well [done] good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord (Mat 25 : 21) Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate Holy Synod Delivered in fu More
  • St Mark Festival Slogan 2011

    Christ, our source of Life You’re the meaning of it all In you we exist and thrive For you’re the pulse behind it all Your Spirit that dwells in us Offers peace and joy to all Church incense makes it heavenly It’s indeed our spiritual ark T More
  • invitation to all of the winners

    INVITATION To all of the winners of St Mark's Festival, We would like to invite all our beloved priests and servants from the land of immigration, who would be present in Egypt, to attend the celebration of distributing the cups and present More
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Be Transformed

Be Transformed Change is such a magical and important word... This is the word with which President Obama had won the presidency, when all his proponents raised one and the same slogan: Change. And with the idea of gearing the USA towards a better future, after a lot many troubles, he could make American More
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